OPMaplib, the OpenPilot Mapping Library


OPMaplib is a complete multi-provider mapping library, working both in online and offline mode. This library is currently used by the OPMAP plugin, but can also be used by other plugins one day if necessary.

This library is what the GCS OPMAP plugin uses to draw the map display.  The library gets tiles from Google maps, and other data sources as needed.

Developer resources

The trunk/ground/src/experimental directory contains a test program for the maplib, which you can use as a basic example:

OPMapLib test app – To use:

1- Copy folder to ../opmapcontrol/src/
2- Uncomment “SUBDIRS +=finaltest” on src.pro file
3- Uncomment “DESTDIR = ../build” on mapwidget.pro file

+ /trunk/ground/src/experimental/finaltest
+ /trunk/ground/src/experimental/finaltest/finaltest.pro
+ /trunk/ground/src/experimental/finaltest/main.cpp
+ /trunk/ground/src/experimental/finaltest/mainwindow.cpp
+ /trunk/ground/src/experimental/finaltest/mainwindow.h
+ /trunk/ground/src/experimental/finaltest/mainwindow.ui
+ /trunk/ground/src/experimental/finaltest/ui_mainwindow.h

Debugging the opmap library

You can enable several defines in the “debugheader.h” header file, which can select what sort of debug output you want to have.


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